Fedora Email

What is this?

An email server that doesn't sell your data.

Create an account

This will give you an actual working email address. Next you can turn on two factor authentication and log into IMAP with an application specific password.


  • You can export your username and application specific password as an OSX Mobileconfig file for use on your MacBook and iPhone.
  • Users are allowed to generate alias addresses that they can send/receive emails from.
  • We support TOTP 2FA.
  • Gmail style sorting labels in your address are supported. e.g. $user+sortingLabel@fedora.email
  • Dots in usernames and addresses are ignored.
  • Incoming messages are checked against user defined filters. Matching messages can be marked as seen or flagged. Messages can be moved to specific mailbox folder. Messages tagged as spam are moved to Junk Mail folder.
  • User controlled spam detection level.
  • Messages can be forwarded to another address or uploaded to a URL account wide or filter based.
  • Users have access to IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
  • Messages sent through SMTP are automatically copied to the Sent Mail folder.
  • Sending/receiving email to/from onion address is coming soon™
  • Automatic virus scanning.


  • This email service is not affiliated with the Fedora Linux project or Red Hat, Inc.